Victoria Education Enterprise Agreement

The Victoria Education Enterprise Agreement (VEEA) is a crucial employment agreement that governs the working conditions and compensation of teachers and support staff in Victoria, Australia. Negotiated between the Victorian Government and the Australian Education Union (AEU), the VEEA outlines the terms and conditions of employment for approximately 50,000 school staff working in government schools across the state.

The most recent version of the VEEA was agreed upon in 2017 after lengthy negotiations between the government and the AEU, and it will remain in effect until June 2024. Among its provisions, the VEEA outlines salary increases for teachers and support staff over the life of the agreement, as well as providing for additional funding for schools in disadvantaged areas and measures to address workload and teacher well-being.

One of the most significant changes in the 2017 VEEA was the introduction of a new career structure for teachers, which aims to provide more opportunities for professional development and advancement. Under the new structure, teachers can progress through four career stages – graduate, proficient, highly accomplished, and lead – with corresponding pay increases and support for further training and development.

Another important aspect of the VEEA is its focus on addressing workload issues and enhancing teacher well-being. The agreement includes measures such as reduced administrative tasks and improved support for teachers with challenging student behaviour, as well as provisions for additional leave and support for teachers dealing with family or personal issues.

Overall, the Victoria Education Enterprise Agreement represents a significant step forward for the state`s education system, providing much-needed support for teachers and support staff and recognition of their valuable contributions to students` lives. As the education landscape continues to evolve, it is vital that employment agreements such as the VEEA continue to be reviewed and updated to ensure that teachers and support staff are adequately supported and compensated for their work.

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